Buying Sod for your Home or business should be an easy experience. Here are some things you should consider while shopping or before you purchase Grass. 1. What is the total Coverage needed? sod is measured in square FOOTAGE (SQ.FT.) Length X Width.
Our pallets are stacked by A sod cutter, at the farm, and total 400 OR 500 SQFT. for EACH PALLET. Make sure not to sell yourself short and apply at least 10% more to your figure. 2. Choose the correct type of sod for the given sunlight your lawn receives. categories of sod are often recognized by - Shade or partial sun, compared to Full sun that your lawn will be exposed too. 3. Do you need a certain color, texture or resistance that will be manageable and grow a proper lawn. 4. Does it fit your budget? Would it be better to install your sod in stages (ie. Front, Back, sides)? 5. Can it be delivered? Self-Installation or contracted install? How much maintenance will it need?
St. Augustine Floratam
Argentine Bahia
Empire Zoysia
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St. Augustine Variants

St. Augustine sod or grass is grown in several varieties called cultivars depending on the conditions like climate, pests, disease and water. St Augustine is the most commonly used grass in Florida and highly adaptable to our states soils and subtropic climate. All the varieties below have different shades, tolerances and traits that produce beautiful lawns year after year with minimal care. Cultivars Floratam Classic Palmetto Bitter Blue Captiva Sapphire Seville

Argentine Bahia

Argentine Bahia or Bahia (Buh' hay ya) once used as pasture grass widely in Florida. Can be seen frequently on commercial properties, highways, retention ponds, homes, etc... It's afford ability and durability is what makes it very desirable sod for erosion control, large fields and so forth. It can grow in sandy to swampy soil, loves acidity, and re-seeds it's for propagation. Just a few varieties are available and in time of drought will go dominant brown until conditions are right to grow back. Varieties Common

Empire Zoysia

Zoysia is sod that requires regualr maintence to keep it's gourgoes color and golf course like appearance. Regualr maintenance with fertilizer, pest control, herbicide, and fungi-cide is needed a few times per year. It does not require a lot of water for it's consumption but it must not go a long period of time without. Grows in many different soils and shade and is the most attractive sod on the market. Varieties Japonica - Japan based 
Matrella - Manilla based
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