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Hardscaping with reclaimed wood and stone is becoming very popular this year.  Customers have been inquiring about railroad ties, drift wood, and reclaimed lumber from old establishments.  Incorporating hardscape designs with landscaping is Sod Express Nursery's specialty and passion. Nothing gives us greater pleasure than the completion of a beautiful landscape or hardscape project knowing our customers are thrilled by the results.
A majority of our ideas for a design come from the customer themselves as a starting point. Landscaping and Hardscaping must compliment each other if used together and not separate.  Sod Express gives you options in product and pricing to help you reach your goal.  We suggest a variety of products that customers can manage and enjoy for several years.


Hardscaping Hardscapes are Landscaping designs that use hard materials to compliment the exterior of your Home or business. Walkways, Driveways, Patios, and landscaped bedding use rocks, stone or brick pavers to cover and Border areas in your yard or Garden. A majority of our hardscape projects for customers are paver driveways and walkways. Replacing dingy concrete with beautiful colored brick pavers or stone walkways adds a rustic charm to your home or office. The advantage to having pavers is that you rarely suffer a cracked Driveway. if a paver or two crack, they can easily be replaced as good as new. Over the years Sod Express has built up a network of contractors that offer stonework, paver and Masonry services for the most exquisite hardscape projects in the Orlando Area. The collaboration of talent and artisans with sod express landscaping team have always far exceeded our customers expectations. The enjoyment our customers receive from a new paver walkway and flower bedding or a much larger project lasts for Years. Call us for a free estimate.
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