Making sure your lawn, flower beds, hedges and trees are getting the correct amount of water and coverage to keep your home's exterior beautiful and lush. Sod Express Nursery can install an affordable new sprinkler system for your home with quality contractor's grade parts that last. 
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Sod Express provides irrigation design and installation for commercial or residential properties. Keeping your lawn and garden watered correctly with an irrigation system saves time and money. With the appropriate timer and rain gauge you can honestly forget about watering or worry that you're watering to much. Sod Express uses contractors grade irrigation supplies so you get quality products that last years to come. If you would like a free estimate for Sod Express to design and install a new irrigation system at your home. Call us at 407-331-1155

Sprinkler repairs is the most requested service for our irrigation department.  Broken pipes and broken heads are normally quick and easy repairs.  Whereas timers and rain sensors are a little more advanced and take time to correctly install and adjust.
Sod Express has experienced irrigation techs that can handle any size commercial or residential property.  Training new techs is the future for our company and the irrigation industry.  The freedom to design creative new irrigation circuits and zone placements can display a beautiful ballet of water.

Our goal is to provide our customers the most efficient water coverage possible. Calculating gallons per hour and designing the irrigation circuits to maximize coverage



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