Landscaping your home or business starts with imagination and a good plan.
Inspiring New ideas and helping organize your next project, big or small, is what Sod Express loves to do. Sod Express can design simple low maintenance gardens and functional landscapes that you and the family will enjoy for years. We have over 40 years experience in Lawn & Garden installation and maintenance.
Our landscaping staff strives to offer you the best service, product and price when designing your home or office's exterior. The modern Landscaping genre is growing exponentially and todays cutting edge technology plus social media is changing the industry. Customers are more hands on and informed with an abundance of information. given a venue to express their vision and ultimately themselves to everyone interested.
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Sod Express Nursery's design team is young and vibrant. Developing unique exterior designs that are simple and elegant. Our team starts with the customer, then your home, not the other way around. Customers interested in new landscaping have hundreds of resources today for ideas and themes. Home & Garden shows, magazines, TV and social blog sites like Etsy and Pinterest on the Internet. Eventually customers decide on ideas they've seen or a collaboration of ideas they've found to incorporate into their own design. Giving you ideas and providing knowledge about a new project is essential to begin organizing a plan. Design and Install a Low Maintenance Landscape or garden at your Home or business.
gardens are aesthetic features that can impress clients and Promote a relaxing atmosphere for employees.
Clean and Green Low Maintenance landscapes are small beds with handsome foliage that don't require a lot of tending. HOA's that require landscaping as part of their covenant find this type of style affordable, versatile, and highly functional. Low maintenance Landscaping and Gardens are quickly becoming popular so call us for a free estimate.
Low Maintenance Landscapes & Gardens High Profile Hedging & bedding Centerpieces & Fountains Annual & Perennial Beds Garden Boxes & Planters Waterfalls & Aquascapes paver walks & Hardscapes Rock Bedding & Rock Gardens Adobe Landscaping & Desert Gardens Pool Deck Gardens Patio Gardens & Porch Decor Herb & vegetable Gardens Event Accents & Scenery Office Gardens & Business Landscapes
Sod Express Nursery has over 40 years experience in landscaping, horticulture, and exterior designs for Florida homes and businesses. Our experienced staff can design and install everything from low maintenance gardens to elaborate landscaping themes. Our Sales and Design Teams can create a custom project unique to you with options, so you can keep track of your projects budget. Sod is an intricate part of our nursery and landscaping business. 
We sell sod by the piece or the pallet.
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