Lawn Maintenance is the first service our company provided customers over 30 years ago. Today Sod Express Nursery tends lawns, yards, and gardens for a small exclusive clientele in order to properly care for our customers needs. We do keep several slots open each week For new Customers wanting our "No Hassle No Contract" program. Our company has the resources to properly maintain residential and commercial properties plus additional benefits from our store. Our nursery carries beautiful plants, top soil, outdoor decor and mulch we manufacture at our wood yard. Our customers also have access to professional tree services, wood debris disposal, and land clearing services for undeveloped properties. 
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No Hassle - No Contract

A big part of our success is providing customers services and products they normally don't find from other landscaping businesses.
Sod Express Nursery offers a No Hassle - No Contract approach to customers wanting Lawn Maintenance Services.

No Hassle is just as it sounds.  We don't fight over price and services.  We offer low flat-rates for Mowing, Edging and Weed-eating that makes it tough for customers to argue.  No Hassle in choosing a schedule that best suits you. 
No Contract is exactly what me mean.  No agreements that lock you in for 1-2 years with stipulations and requirements that neither of us could consistently adhere too.  Just like the kid in the neighborhood with a lawn mower, we give you a low flat rate, perform the service, the customer pays us and you call in to schedule our next visit.

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Mowing - depending on the type of grass, the height we mow is between 3-4 inches. Some grass variants require us to mow the lawn 2-3 inches high. Edge - Edging your lawn keeps it from infiltrating your drive-way and walk-ways. Edging also adds an asethic border to your lawn that accents your lawn to the pavement and bedding. Weed-Eating - The last service we provide your home is Weed-Eating, which is performed only on the areas being serviced. It's a quick walk around the areas we serviced that our mowers can't get to. Simple No Hassle No Contract Service

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