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Sod was in high demand for 2018 because of Hurricane Irma. The storm flooded sod farms and several tornadoes unbelievably pulled up giant blankets of sod ruining acres of farms. Sod prices increased drastically and all the sod distributors were limited to one truck per day. Hurricane Irma and the following spring monsoon kept the sod farms production and ability to harvest scarce. Sod Express Nursery, Inc is merely the distributor or store for grass and our prices were forced to reflect the extreme increase we received from farms. Farms were in dire straits and couldn't afford to operate at competitive prices. It was the worst year for sod recorded to date and thankfully it did not last long.

Our company supplies and delivers fresh cut sod from the farm for our customers 6 days a week.  Sod grows year round in Florida and Sod Express Nursery works to find the best deal on the greenest grass.  Schedule a delivery for that big project or come pick it up if you have trailer or truck to haul it.


St. Augustine


The most widely sold sod in Florida is Bahia (pronounced Ba-hey-ya), St. Augustine Floratam, and Zoysia (pronounced Zoi-zha). These are the top 3 grass species in Florida because of our climate and soils. All 3 species and the variants within their respective families grow lush and full if correctly maintained. Make sure you're getting the correct sod for your next project and learn how to properly care for it. Sod Express has over 40 years experience suppling, installing and maintaining sod for commercial and residential properties.
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